ok this exercise is wonderful and i'm going to do it too! but first a few things:

-your description of being in the store was so familiar i had to check to make sure i am not you. wtf. i have never heard anyone put words to such a mundane, yet seemingly incredibly common experience.

-#2 left me wondering why i leave phone calls feeling so alive. what's different there that makes my experience so starkly opposite from yours? it's something ill be pondering

-"And I want you to think I'm radical, a romantic, I want you to envy my freedom, just a little bit. I want you to think, wow, Rich has such a cool life... (I may have somewhat spoiled the effect by admitting that.)"

it didn't spoil the effect at all. and it had the added bonus of making me envious of your willingness to be honest about such desires (which are infinitely relatable, btw).

-"I'm not sure about this place. The land is overgrazed, eroded topsoil, sad-looking trees..."

so, this felt illegal to say hahahaha. like... we are allowed to say we aren't sure about some part of nature being enjoyable?! i mean of course we are, but it struck me how my reaction was jealousy. i think things like this and then feel bad voicing them. why?

-"I disappeared completely, totally absorbed into the landscape, all curiosity, wonder, devotion..."

love this description. it instantly reminded me of times i have felt this 🫶🏼

-This whole almost-fight description is so familiar, and brilliantly described. "You press the button and out pops a little intimacy packet?!" 🤣🤣🤣

the remembering of the speaker brought this piece full circle. did you notice that? did it delight you? would delight tf outa me if i wrote it.

arguments ARE so easy to slip into!! wild how you can just decide to do something different, and thanks for this example of it in action.

again, i'm very happy to have found your writing. i write in a similarly self disclosing manner, and sometimes i wonder "why do people even read this? what are they getting?" but reading yours makes me think "oooooh, i get it!" ☺️

ps the title of this post rules.

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