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> But you can trust that once your belonging button has been pushed, it stays in, you can go and share it with someone else. You just need to remember the embodied sensation of relaxed & engaged, and go do that in their vicinity. Go ask questions, find opportunities to weave them in. And once they're in, now we have another ally who can help recruit the next cohort.

This is a great perspective to share.

It makes me think about the handful of times I've been part of the real inner circle.

Not even the cool kids, that is easy. But the ones actually creating the space that allows the cool kids to be cool.

It requires a lot more courage to risk what you've built inviting in someone who will, very likely, not fully appreciate the opportunity cost sacrifice until they find themself in that seat in the future and hopefully pass the bucket of inclusion on down the line.

But the silver lining is, being a cool kid lasts as long as it lasts, then its kinda just gone and leaves a craving in its place. But the bucket passing creates so many long loops that circle back for and between everyone involved.

Cheers Rich thanks for sharing.

(P.S. launching my community in a few weeks!)

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Oh my. This has spooked me, how close it hits to home. I'll be thinking a lot about "joy-to-compassion" alchemy in the next few days.

Let me know when I can sign up for the practice program on how to "nucleate polycentric pluralistic belonging". I'd love a 10-step guide, thanks! 🤭

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mmm. resonating deeply with the challenge of rendering the ineffable intelligible, and trying to capture a collective experience with only one voice. i appreciate this effort.

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