a big hot list of web3 people & projects with real social impact potential
Exploring new theories that could help us grow out of our fundamentalism.
New writing, podcasts, and your invitation to the first in-person gathering of microsolidarity practitioners in Belgium next month.
Life updates from me, plus my Top 10 All Time Super Favourite Podcast Episodes: self-management, complexity, metamodernism, ecology, democracy...
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Democracy, trauma, social process, Buddhism, psychology
Hot & spicy links on conspiracy theories, white supremacy, psychology, Black Lives Matter & woke fundamentalism. 
An invitation to dialogue + zillions of hot links about decentralising work, democracy, spirituality and conspiracy
Updates about Microsolidarity & five very fine podcasts
A short update on my situation in locked down Italy, followed by a big juicy list of articles and podcasts for when you want to NOT be thinking about…