Undoing the divorce from my religious lineage: the surprising story of my turn back towards Christianity, 15 years after being excommunicated

August 2022

Join an inspiring network of people building communities of belonging, partnership & purpose, at the Microsolidarity Gathering Oct 26-29, Denver CO

April 2022

New writing, podcasts, and your invitation to the first in-person gathering of microsolidarity practitioners in Belgium next month.

November 2021

a big hot list of web3 people & projects with real social impact potential

February 2021

Exploring new theories that could help us grow out of our fundamentalism.

December 2020

Updates from the microsolidarity network, plus an unbelievably fascinating trove of hot links about community healing, democracy, cultural evolution …

August 2020

Hot & spicy links on conspiracy theories, white supremacy, psychology, Black Lives Matter & woke fundamentalism.

June 2020

Updates about Microsolidarity & five very fine podcasts

April 2020

An invitation to dialogue + zillions of hot links about decentralising work, democracy, spirituality and conspiracy

March 2020

A short update on my situation in locked down Italy, followed by a big juicy list of articles and podcasts for when you want to NOT be thinking about…

January 2020

Democracy, trauma, social process, Buddhism, psychology
Life updates from me, plus my Top 10 All Time Super Favourite Podcast Episodes: self-management, complexity, metamodernism, ecology, democracy...